And the saga continues… #FakeGrown



That moment you wake up and realize you’re that age. The age you thought you’d have it all figured out. You’d have created your million dollar app, or become insta- famous and are living out your dream, orrrr that you would simply have landed a job in an industry you like and could grow and are living a truly adult life of happiness and independence

There are a lot of layers to the postgrad saga and we’re going to discuss them all. Ultimately #FakeGrown is a lifestyle – balancing the thoughts, journey, and day to day struggles of life after college.

10 sign you’re ‘fake grown’

-Your parents still pay some bill of yours: phone, car insurance,

-You still think you’ll be a millionaire one day – no acceptance of “real world” mediocrity for you

-You drink Moscato with every meal

-You’re still debating what you wanna be when you grow up

-You’re still dodging student loan phone calls

-Brunch over babies

-Loud Trap music puts you in a better mood

-Netflix is a necessity

-You just wanna do hood rat things with your friends

-You’ve been referred to as a millennial within the past week

Women 11

 women 10

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