Lemonade – The Recipe


You all should have expected this from me. 

Beyonce’s latest visual album has been in rotation since 9pm last night (shoutout to the Tidal 30 day free trial, cop that). Each loop revealed something more human yet prophetic about this woman whom I’ve admired since The Writings On The Wall. Lemonade is the perfect blend of the journey to knowledge and healing. It’s the holistic rear view of what women are able to do when they are forced with surviving and thriving off lemons. Let’s take a moment to acknowledge the NECESSARY and ON TIME artistry for what it’s worth. 

Hey, Sis – 3 teaspoons of support 

My edges began to thin the moment Serena Williams and Beyonce linked up to make this moment happen. Then I took quick note of every black queen Bey carefully positioned throughout the entire piece. The silent solidarity between all the women featured reminded me of how powerful we are when we ride for one another.

Reminder: Your lemonade doesn’t become less sweet when you compliment some one else’s. Support your sis.

Love Lessons – just keep pouring 

Beyonce’s Warsan Shire words and adaptations came through and read every last bit my varied situations via Women Who Are Difficult to Love. “You dizzy him, you are unbearable, you are too intense frightening in the way you want him unashamed and sacrificial”. THIS is me, THIS is something I’ve heard (not as angelic) straight from the horses mouth. I’m guilty of trying to change, to be softer/prettier for the sake of the man friend. You learn these lessons the hard way usually. “You were red, you liked me because I was blue. You touched me and I became a lilac sky, then you decided purple wasn’t for you.”

Reminder: your lemonade is your lemonade – don’t alter the recipe for someone else’s tastebuds 

Daddy Issues – just a dollop 

Beyonce let us all the way in. She opened the door, made us a plate and let us stay a while. I’m personally forever grateful. I saw a tweet that read “Lemonade is the result of your mama and auntie spilling the tea on what really happened in their marriages” and I couldn’t agree more. It’s like when you come to a certain age or point in your life when you no longer care for cover ups or half truths. You begin to count your life’s disappointments as good and live your truth out loud. I noticed family is something we don’t like to discuss, especially that part that does not fit inside the cookie cutter. Until recently, I never was  open enough to tell those closest to me that I’ve only seen my real dad twice (age 12 and age 22) and now all of you are reading about it. I just got tired of leaving that part of my life out. I was covering up something that had nothing to do with me. 

Reminder: You don’t have to drink the lemonade that was made before your time. You don’t have to use that old recipe either. 

Man Friend – 4 tablespoons of heartbreak

And apparently none of you n***s are acting right. We’ve all been there and I personally can write a couple of posts about the subject of dating/loving/liking etc. but not today. In the weirdest way and  please try not to judge this next statement, Beyonce alluding to Jay-Z’s infidelity is comforting and in a way empowering. Again, feminist, still a judgement free zone here. Don’t Hurt Yourself had me sold, that you can acknowledge the hurt and not take it on as your own. It’s like the bye boy national anthem and you just know this song is going to be the realization that brings him crawling back. Of course it’ll be your decision whether to take him back or not. Moving down the track-list to Love Drought, the mood changes from bitterness and madness to something more forgiving and redemptive. Now this is what fighting for love sounds like. Between each bridge I could feel her wrestling with her heart and mind wanting it all to work out. I personally haven’t experienced the love she sings about here but maybe 10 plus years from now the fake drama I’m going through now will allow me to sing this song in a deep vibrato. We can only hope.

Reminder:Realize your lemonade brings the boys to the yard and that it flows from a never ending well

Second Reminder: You know soda is bad for you – don’t fight for toxic things, drink lemonade.


 The secret ingredient – Black Girl Magic, drizzled 

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