5 types of graduates -which one are you?

Not all graduates are created equal. We don’t all start this rat race from the same point so the road to riches is a long winding one. Let’s take a look …

The Rich Kid– You’re able to afford take a gap year to go explore the world/ Europe right before or right after college and you can afford free internships that require you to move for the summer. You may not know what you want to do but you definitely feel like the world is your oyster because you can explore whatever avenue you want. For the most part, your biggest struggle is just finding yourself. Finding a job won’t be much of a problem because you’ve got connects.

The Free Spirit– Regardless of what kind of money your parents may or may not have, you go where the wind takes you. If you were inclined to go travel the world, you will work minimum wage or wait tables to save enough to go backpacking through Europe. And if basket weaving were your passion, you will go ahead and study that in college regardless of the pay projections.

The Calculated– The ones I admire the most. You’ve known what you wanted to do as an adult since you were ten years old and every move you’ve made since then has been geared towards achieving this goal. Your timing is on point and your internships were perfect. You definitely have it the most together. But to me you are also the ones in the most danger of encountering a mid- life crisis.

The Confused– You have no clue what you want to do. You’re in college because that’s the path to be on at this point in your life according to societal strictures. You might switch majors a couple of times and find yourself playing catch up in order to graduate on time but you’ll eventually find your calling. Probably by stumbling upon it accidentally.

The Hall Passer– Like the confused bunch, You went to college because you were told to and moderatly believe that college is the key to success. Many of you graduated specifically for that piece of paper, your hall pass, that allows you in and out of certain doors of society with less fuss. Now that you have your degree, you feel free to get back to pursuing whatever it is you really want to do.




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  1. Victoria Clark says:

    Confused has my name written all over it! I love wingin it. It’s scary at times but I believe God got me. Haha great post!!

    Congrat c/o 2016 🙂

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