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Follow-Up Game Strong

Here’s a not so surprising statistic for you – 91% of professionals check their emails daily. What’s also very obvious is that half of them hardly ever respond. After the 386th follow-up e-mail that seemed to be delivered into a black abyss, I had to try something new. I want

Oh you thought this was marketing? 6 signs you’re applying for a sales Job

So you got that call or email asking you to come in for an interview. You’re so excited because finally the fish are biting. You get up way earlier than you’re used to, spend extra time on your hair so it’s just the right mix of professional and stylish, your makeup

8 Life Tips for the Unemployed Graduates

For a lot of recent grads this time after graduation can be filled with a lot of hope, anticipation and waiting as the weeks slip away and the ever elusive entry level job has not yet materialized. Many struggle with boredom, having too much time on their hands, and the

4 Ted talks for the 20 something with a business plan

For those of you with goal sheets that run almost 3 pages long, and who dream of one day working for ourselves and inspiring others to take that same leap into whatever inspires them. The following TED Talks are blueprints to a successful career. Click play and go!  1) Life Lessons

Monday, Go Away!

The entire month of March has been an ongoing party for me- well at least on the weekends. You know that anxious feeling that comes over you around 4:30 every Friday, I want that feeling to come over me at the sound of my a.m alarm on Mondays. There honestly

4 Things Recent Grads Do Not Want To Hear

  As stated before the post grad struggle is real. Most recent grads including myself are well  into experiencing a quarter life crisis; trying to find their way and finding it difficult to land any job much less one that they actually like. Try not to add to the stress by

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