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Is Higher Education Overrated?

I’ll begin this by promptly checking my privilege at the door. Starting this conversation with a masters in my back pocket makes this a very easy topic to discuss without actually having to put my money where my mouth is. But it’s still a question I ask myself fairly often.

Lemonade – The Recipe

You all should have expected this from me.  Beyonce’s latest visual album has been in rotation since 9pm last night (shoutout to the Tidal 30 day free trial, cop that). Each loop revealed something more human yet prophetic about this woman whom I’ve admired since The Writings On The Wall.

Triple Jeopardy: The millennial factor

Being a millennial is not a label I had anticipated having to overcome seeing as I had enough on that front being an African American female. Being an African immigrant, the idea of blackness is one you sort of grow into and learn to be a part of not one

4 books to help you rock your twenties

The thing about this whole ‘real world’ struggle is realizing how much you don’t know. One thing college taught me is that the earlier you know, the better. This is the case Every Single Time. The books below give you the wisdom of people in their 30s or 40s while

Best Apps for living in your twenties

As millennials we’ve downloaded a colossal amount apps- most of which are for social purposes. Unfortunately, dubmash and trivia crack aren’t the most useful when it comes to your career journey or building your brand. So leave a gigabyte or two for something more advantageous. Here are some apps we believe

Cut it. Glue it. Do it

Know your intentions and hang them everywhere I made a vision board recently declaring my expectations for circa 15, asserting exactly what I wanted from the rest of the year and beyond. I ransacked through piles of old magazines and newspapers, snipped and cut- out everything that aligned with my goals.

4 Things Recent Grads Do Not Want To Hear

  As stated before the post grad struggle is real. Most recent grads including myself are well  into experiencing a quarter life crisis; trying to find their way and finding it difficult to land any job much less one that they actually like. Try not to add to the stress by

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