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Things I Don’t Understand About John Doe

Feel free to replace John Doe with whatever man martian you’ve ever dealt with or are currently dealing with. There are some, no A LOT of things I have not been able to fully grasp and understand when it comes to the male species. After speaking with a few of

Why Being Single In The Summer Doesn’t Suck

It’s too hot to hug The season calls for a high of combined sweat and grossness. I’m sure hugging, cuddling and making out will double and in some cases triple that high. Stay cool my friends, stay cool. There’s too much to do My selfish summer is booked to capacity. Between cookouts, day


Ever wonder why it is that the next thought after seeing a cutesy couple photo is #relationshipgoals? Seriously, why is this such a thing?  We are bombarded with subliminal messages urging us to seek romantic companionship in almost every facet of our lives. Now of course this is a natural part

Saturday The Fourteenth

It’s Valentine’s Day Singles, instead of sulking over the Notebook with Ben and Jerry ( the ice-cream obviously) here are 3 things that will make having your BFF as a valentine and all the overbearing love posts ranging from flower assortments to “bae-cations” a little less annoying . 1. Fraps

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