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The 5 Emotional Stages of Deciding to Go to the Gym

With the weather breaking and all those sandals and swimwear starting to make an appearance in all your favorite stores, you definitely feel the pressure of the coming bikini season. As you strongly attempt to play catch-up and un-do an entire winter of binge eating, you find yourself caught in

Former Athlete Problems

Seeing a race in everything. I’m not sure when I became so competitive outside of athletics but now I have a sprinter’s mentality. If you’re gonna walk faster, drive faster, or do anything faster than me it better be by a whole lot or I’m coming for you. Terrible I know

A Life in Her Shoes; Corryn & Ekene

Originally posted on Young Hot & Modern:
Here are two ladies who aspire to inspire others through their blog, In Her Shoes RK. Graduating college and trekking into the real world, especially in today’s economy and the weakening job market, can be a frightening thought for many. With every young…

Saturday The Fourteenth

It’s Valentine’s Day Singles, instead of sulking over the Notebook with Ben and Jerry ( the ice-cream obviously) here are 3 things that will make having your BFF as a valentine and all the overbearing love posts ranging from flower assortments to “bae-cations” a little less annoying . 1. Fraps

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