4 books to help you rock your twenties

The thing about this whole ‘real world’ struggle is realizing how much you don’t know. One thing college taught me is that the earlier you know, the better. This is the case Every Single Time. The books below give you the wisdom of people in their 30s or 40s while

Best Natural Hairstyles for the Workplace

This past year alone’s Class of Coils had the largest commencing of black women. What do we mean by this? More simply, black women are wearing and embracing their natural hair. In some instances our coils, kinks, or the ability to switch between braids and a blow out every three weeks

Oh you thought this was marketing? 6 signs you’re applying for a sales Job

So you got that call or email asking you to come in for an interview. You’re so excited because finally the fish are biting. You get up way earlier than you’re used to, spend extra time on your hair so it’s just the right mix of professional and stylish, your makeup

Why Being Single In The Summer Doesn’t Suck

It’s too hot to hug The season calls for a high of combined sweat and grossness. I’m sure hugging, cuddling and making out will double and in some cases triple that high. Stay cool my friends, stay cool. There’s too much to do My selfish summer is booked to capacity. Between cookouts, day

R & K Open Letter

Watching the temptations movie this past weekend got me thinking. Black music is such an intrinsic part of the American Culture, yet when this type of music became popular with the white crowd, these songs were basically stolen and sung by white musicians in order to have a more white

R & K do Odunde

Join us on our walk through the Odonde festival- One of the largest African American street festivals in the nation. Nothing like a big dose of culture and color to inspire creativity. Ready to walk twenty plus blocks with us? Virtually it wont be as hot 🙂 

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